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Slugfest is an event that is the rawest form of fighting and is geared towards entertainment.  This is NOT 2 fighters boxing, this is 2 fighters SLUGGING it out for 3 rounds (NO dancing and NO defense).  A division will consist of 8 to 16 fighters in a specified weight class.  The winners will advance and the loser is eliminated and this will happen until one man is left standing and is declared the champion.  The champion will collect $1000 Cash, paid in the center ring following the championship fight.  All fighters are housed in 1 room during the competition; while in the room nobody knows who will fight who next as the fighters are called out to the ring (two fighters may have been talking in the room and the next minute they are "slugging it out with each other" to advance in the competition).  Three weeks prior to the event, all fighters are screened and tried out in the gym to determine their fighting ability and toughness and at this point it is determined if they "have what it takes" to fight in the event on Fight Night.  Numerous fighters will not make the final cut!!

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Registration and Tryouts


1-      Slugfest is a tournament style boxing and slugging promotion, winners will advance and losers will be eliminated from the competition.

2-      Slugfest will consist of three (3) divisions.  There will be a Lightweight, a Middleweight, and a Heavyweight division.  The weight limits of each division will be determined by the number and weights of the applicants to enter the contest.  A division can have a minimum of 8 fighters and a maximum of 16 fighters.  Example of a common weight division breakdown will be (Lightweight 135-170) (Middleweight 171-200) (Heavyweight over 200).

3-      The champion of each division will win $1000 cash to be paid following the championship fight and will be paid in the center of the ring.  The division must have a minimum of 8 fighters for the champion to receive $1000 cash.  If less than 8 fighters are in the division, an amount will be determined based on the number of fighters in the division.  All amateur winners will maintain an amateur status following the event.

4-      All applicants will be screened and determined to be eligible by the promoter.  Professional MMA fighters are eligible to enter the competition and entry will be at the discretion of the promoter.  All boxing and MMA experience must be provided to the promoter on the application for entry into Slugfest at tryouts.  No professional boxers will be eligible.  No UFC fighters will be eligible.  All fighters will be required to sign a waiver of liability.  Any fighter at any time can be eliminated by the promoter if determined that false information was given.

5-      There will be no entry or registration fee paid to Bomber Promotions to enter Slugfest, however each participant must purchase a “tough man license” with the Mississippi Athletic Commission to participate.  This license is good for one year and the cost is $25.

6-      The winner of each fight will advance in a tournament style format to the next round and the loser will be eliminated.  If the winner of a contest cannot continue in the competition due to injury or medical reason, a worthy opponent in the division will be chosen by the promoter to advance in the injured fighter’s place.  If a fighter has been knocked out in a previous contest, he cannot be chosen to continue.  

7-      A fighter will be placed in a division solely based on his/her bodyweight at tryouts which will be approximately three to four weeks prior to the event.  There will be no weight cutting to determine the placement in a division.  Fighters may be required to weigh in on fight day.

8-      All fights will consist of three (3) rounds.  The first round will be 1 minute, the second round will be 1 minute, and the third round will be 45 seconds.  All fights will take place in a ring or cage.

9-      All fights will be judged based on aggressiveness and power punching and winners will be determined by their initiative to bang.  Fighters will not be allowed to jab or dance their way to a victory.  Defensive fighting will be penalized by the judges. This is Slugfest!

10-   All fighters will wear 14 or 16 ounce gloves provided by the promoter.  All fighters will wear head gear provided by the promoter.  No fighter will be allowed to wear their personal gloves or wear their personal head gear (no exceptions).  Fighters must provide their own personal mouth piece and groin protection.

11-   All corner men and seconds will be provided by the promoter.  Two seconds will be designated as red corner and two seconds will be designated as blue corner for the duration of the event.  No personal corner men or seconds will be allowed in the corner (No exceptions).

12-   The promoter has the right to refuse entry of any applicant for any reason.


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